Irish Foreign Ministry Confirms Cancellation Of Trump's November Visit By US Side


Irish Foreign Ministry Confirms Cancellation of Trump's November Visit by US Side

LONDON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 12th September, 2018) The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Tuesday confirmed to Sputnik that US President Donald Trump's visit to Ireland has been delayed for "scheduling reasons."

Reports said earlier on Tuesday that Trump's trip, previously slated for November 12, will no longer go ahead. The White House has yet to confirm the cancellation.

"The proposed visit by president Trump to Ireland has been postponed. The US side has cited scheduling reasons," the Irish ministry said.

Trump was planning to stop in Ireland on his way back from France, where he planned to attend Armistice Day commemoration events the day before.

Irish media also reported, citing unnamed sources, that Trump's entire Europe trip is now under review. The cancellation of the visit came as unexpectedly for the Irish government as the initial trip announcement.

The visit has generated controversy with several Irish parties promising to stage protests against Trump. The Irish Labour Party has slammed Trump as "no friend of democracy and human rights."

Trump's visit to the neighboring United Kingdom earlier this year was marked by large-scale protests in London.

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