US' Pressure On India In Military Area Aims At Establishing Unipolar World - Lavrov


US' Pressure on India in Military Area Aims at Establishing Unipolar World - Lavrov

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 08th December, 2020) Western countries' pressure on India, including in military and technical cooperation, is designed to consolidate a unipolar world, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday.

According to the minister, the West led by the United States continues to promote a unipolar international order, while Russia and China oppose it. The US is currently attempting to drag India Russia's close strategic partner into such an order, the minister argued.

"Such an obvious pole [of the world order] as India, for example, is now the subject of the persistent, aggressive, sophisticated policy of the West, which is trying to drag it into anti-Chinese games," Lavrov said at a virtual meeting of the Russian International Affairs Council.

The minister added that at the same time, the US attempts to dramatically weaken Russia's closest strategic partnership and its privileged relations with India.

"The very tough pressure exerted by the US on Delhi in military and technical cooperation also aims at this [establishing of a unipolar world]," Lavrov noted.

Commenting on the EU's role in the international order, the diplomat said that the bloc, apparently, abandoned its claims to a pole of a multipolar world and began to be guided by the United States.

"Germany's policy on many issues has recently convinced us that this is exactly what Berlin wants to do while preserving its claims to full leadership in the EU," Lavrov said.

According to the official, the West justifies its policy by the notorious concept of a world order based on rules that are made up on the spot at "various closed-door meetings."