Contrariwise Meaning In English to Urdu Dictionary - Translation, Synonyms and Antonyms

English to Urdu Meaning for Word Contrariwise is برعکس, Translation from English into Urdu of Contrariwise is برعکس, Contrariwise in Roman Means Bar Aks, and in Urdu it means برعکس, In roman we write as Bar Aks.
English WordContrariwise
Urdu Meaningبرعکس
Doosri Taraf دوسری طرف
Bar Aks برعکس

Definitions of Contrariwise

adv. On the contrary; oppositely; on the other hand.

adv. In a contrary order; conversely.

Form : Adverb

How To Spell Contrariwise : [kon-trer-ee-wahyz or for 3, kuh n-trair-]

Synonyms For Contrariwise , Similar to Contrariwise

Against, Contrarily, Conversely, Opposite, Versus, At Variance With,

Antonyms For Contrariwise , Opposite to Contrariwise

Equally, Same, Similarly,

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