Curious Meaning In Urdu

Curious Meaning in Urdu is Raaz Jo, as written in Roman Urdu and راز جو, as written in Urdu. The other meanings areMushtaq and TajassusKarnay Wala. Discover more Curious Urdu Meanings, definitions and synonyms.


[kyoo r-ee-uh s]

راز جو

Raaz Jo

Definitions of Curious

Form Adjective

How To Spell Curious [kyoo r-ee-uh s]

Origin of Curious Middle English: from Old French curios, from Latin curiosus ‘careful’, from cura ‘care’. curious (sense 2) dates from the early 18th century.

Curious Meaning in Urdu

Curious Meaning in Urdu is Raaz Jo, as written in Roman Urdu. In Urdu language, we write it as راز جو. Other Curious Meanings in Urdu are Mushtaq and TajassusKarnay Wala. We have written meanings both in Urdu and Roman Urdu. This step is taken to make sure that if someone is less proficient in one, he could understand the other one better. A Curious person is someone who is careful or anxious to learn and eager for knowledge. We have listed 4-5 definitions of the word for your better comprehension. Curious is an adjective by form. Since it is a tricky word to pronounce, we have also stated its pronunciation. Curious is pronounced as [kyoo r-ee-uh s]. The word originated from Middle English and from Old French word‘curios’. It also finds its roots in Latin word ‘curiosus’ meaning ‘careful’ and from ‘cura’, which means ‘care’. The origins date back to the early 18th century.

The synonyms of Curious are Analytical, Examining, Impertinent, Inquiring, Inquisitive, Inspecting, Interested, Interfering, Intrusive, Investigative, Meddlesome, Meddling, Nosy, Peeping, Peering, Questioning, Scrutinizing, Searching, Snoopy, Tampering, Puzzled, Prying, Prurient and Disquisitive. The antonyms of Curious are Average, Disinterested, Incurious, Indifferent, Normal, Ordinary, Unconcerned, Uninterested and Usual. If you are satisfied with the Curious Meaning in Urdu, you can also find out meanings of other words in our English to Urdu Dictionary.

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