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English to Urdu Meaning for Word Dick is لنڈ, Translation from English into Urdu of Dick is لنڈ, Dick in Roman Means Lund, and in Urdu it means لنڈ, In roman we write as Lund.
English WordDick
Urdu Meaningلنڈ
Gaali گالی
Jasoos جاسوس
Suraag Rasan سراغ رساں
Shakhs شخص
Uzoo Tanasul عضو تناسل
Gaali : Bewaqoof Aadmi گالی : بیوقوف آدمی
Naam : Jimz Dick نام : جیمز ڈک
Lund لنڈ

Form : Noun, Slang.

How To Spell Dick : [dik]

Origin of Dick : Mid 16th century (in the general sense ‘fellow’): pet form of the given name Richard. Sense 1 of the noun dates from the late 18th century.

Synonyms For Dick , Similar to Dick

Agent, Analyst, Bloodhound, Bull, Constable, Cop, Eavesdropper, Eye, Fed, Fink, Gumshoe, Informer, Peeper, Reporter, Scout, Sergeant, Shadow, Shamus, Shoofly, Sleuth, Snoop, Spy, Tail, Prosecutor, Nark, Police Officer, Private Eye, Flatfoot, Private Investigator, Roper, Sherlock Holmes, Bird Dog, Plainclothes Officer,

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