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Extrovert Meaning in Urdu is ZahirParast, as written in Roman Urdu and ظاہر پرست, as written in Urdu. Find out more meanings, definitions, synonyms and antonyms of Extrovert by scrolling down.


[ek-struh-vurt, -stroh-]

ظاہر پرست

Zahir Parast

Definitions of Extrovert

Form Noun

How To Spell Extrovert [ek-struh-vurt, -stroh-]

Origin of Extrovert Early 20th century: from extro- (variant of extra-, on the pattern of intro-) + Latin vertere ‘to turn’.

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Urdu Meaning of Extrovert

Human’s personality is mainly painted by his interactions with other human beings. On the basis of this, personality can be divided into three distinct categories: Introvert, Extrovert and Ambivert. Introvert and Extrovert are two extremes in terms of social interaction. Introvert is a person who is very selective about his social interactions; and mainly avoids them. Meanwhile, an Extrovert is a person who loves to be with other people. On contrary to this, an Ambivert personality lies somewhere between the two and stands for moderation.We are discussing Extrovert Meaning in Urdu on this page.

The Urdu Meaning of Extrovert is ظاہر پرست. It is written as ZahirParast in Roman Urdu. By definition, an Extrovert is a person who is marked by an interest in others, or concerned primarily with external reality. This is in contrast with an Introvert personality type. By form, Extrovert is a noun. In case you are having difficulty in pronouncing the word, Urdupoint has also mentioned the accurate pronunciation for your ease. It is spelled as [ek-struh-vurt, -stroh-]. The lingual origin of Extrovert dates back to early 20th century. It is from extro- (variant of extra-, on the pattern of intro-), combined with Latin word ‘vertere’which means ‘to turn’. The synonyms of Extrovert include Character, Exhibitionist, Showboat, Life of The Party and Gregarious Person. The antonym of Extrovert, as mentioned before is, Introvert. We have even provided you the option to click on synonyms and antonyms to further explore their possible explanations. Urdupoint’s English to Urdu Dictionary is the most authentic database to find out Extrovert Meaning in Urdu.

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