Flourish Meaning In Urdu

Flourish Meaning In English to Urdu Dictionary is Sar Sabz Hona سر سبز ہونا. Accurate Flourish Translation, Synonyms and Antonyms.
English WordFlourish
Urdu Meaningسر سبز ہونا
Taraqqi Karna ترقی کرنا
Sar Sabz Hona سر سبز ہونا
Phalna Phoolna پھلنا پھولنا

Definitions of Flourish

n. A flourishing condition; prosperity; vigor.

n. Decoration; ornament; beauty.

n. Something made or performed in a fanciful, wanton, or vaunting manner, by way of ostentation, to excite admiration, etc.; ostentatious embellishment; ambitious copiousness or amplification; parade of words and figures; show.

n. A fanciful stroke of the pen or graver; a merely decorative figure.

n. A fantastic or decorative musical passage; a strain of triumph or bravado, not forming part of a regular musical composition; a cal; a fanfare.

n. The waving of a weapon or other thing; a brandishing.

intransitive v. To grow luxuriantly; to increase and enlarge, as a healthy growing plant; a thrive.

intransitive v. To be prosperous; to increase in wealth, honor, comfort, happiness, or whatever is desirable; to thrive; to be prominent and influental; specifically, of authors, painters, etc., to be in a state of activity or production.

intransitive v. To use florid language; to indulge in rhetorical figures and lofty expressions; to be flowery.

intransitive v. To make bold and sweeping, fanciful, or wanton movements, by way of ornament, parade, bravado, etc.; to play with fantastic and irregular motion.

intransitive v. To make ornamental strokes with the pen; to write graceful, decorative figures.

intransitive v. To execute an irregular or fanciful strain of music, by way of ornament or prelude.

intransitive v. To boast; to vaunt; to brag.

transitive v. To adorn with flowers orbeautiful figures, either natural or artificial; to ornament with anything showy; to embellish.

transitive v. To embellish with the flowers of diction; to adorn with rhetorical figures; to grace with ostentatious eloquence; to set off with a parade of words.

transitive v. To move in bold or irregular figures; to swing about in circles or vibrations by way of show or triumph; to brandish.

transitive v. To develop; to make thrive; to expand.

Form : Verb (used Without Object)

How To Spell Flourish : [flur-ish, fluhr-]

Origin of Flourish : Middle English: from Old French floriss-, lengthened stem of florir, based on Latin florere, from flos, flor- ‘a flower’. The noun senses ‘ornamental curve’ and ‘florid expression’ come from an obsolete sense of the verb, ‘adorn’ (original

Synonyms For Flourish , Similar to Flourish

Curl, Embellishment, Furbelow, Garnish, Ornamentation, Plume, Quirk, Spiral, Sweep, Twist,

Antonyms For Flourish , Opposite to Flourish

Cease, Decrease, Fail, Hinder, Languish, Lessen, Lose, Shrink, Shrivel, Stunt, Wither,
Flourish Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Flourish in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Flourish in Urdu is سر سبز ہونا, and in roman we write it Sar Sabz Hona. The other meanings are Taraqqi Karna, Sar Sabz Hona and Phalna Phoolna. There are also several similar words to Flourish in our dictionary, which are Curl, Embellishment, Furbelow, Garnish, Ornamentation, Plume, Quirk, Spiral, Sweep and Twist. Apart from similar words, there are always opposite words in dictionary too, the opposite words for Flourish are Cease, Decrease, Fail, Hinder, Languish, Lessen, Lose, Shrink, Shrivel, Stunt and Wither. After English to Urdu translation of Flourish, If you have issues in pronunciation than you can hear the audio of it in the online dictionary.

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