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English to Urdu Meaning for Word Impresario is کھیل تماشے کے منتظم, Translation from English into Urdu of Impresario is کھیل تماشے کے منتظم, Impresario in Roman Means Khail Tamaashe Kay Muntazim, and in Urdu it means کھیل تماشے کے منتظم, In roman we write as Khail Tamaashe Kay Muntazim.
English WordImpresario
Urdu Meaningکھیل تماشے کے منتظم
Khail Tamaashe Kay Muntazim کھیل تماشے کے منتظم

Definitions of Impresario

n. The projector, manager, or conductor, of an opera or concert company.

n. Any manager who organizes performances of a group.

Form : Noun, Plural Impresarios.

How To Spell Impresario : [im-pruh-sahr-ee-oh, -sair-]

Origin of Impresario : Mid 18th century: from Italian, from impresa ‘undertaking’.

Synonyms For Impresario , Similar to Impresario

Director, Sponsor, Stage Manager,

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