Legacy Meaning In Urdu

Legacy Meaning in Urdu is Meeras. It is written as میراث in Urdu. The other meaning of Legacy is MaalMatruka, also written as مال متروکہ. Find out more definitions, synonyms and antonyms of Legacy on Urdupoint.





Definitions of Legacy

Form Noun, Plural Legacies.

How To Spell Legacy [leg-uh-see]

Origin of Legacy Late Middle English (also denoting the function or office of a deputy, especially a papal legate): from Old French legacie, from medieval Latin legatia ‘legateship’, from legatus ‘person delegated’ (see legate).

Legacy Meaning in Urdu

Urdupoint’s online dictionaries are the best database for your day to day translations. Our dictionaries include English to Urdu, Urdu to English, Roman Urdu to English, Hindi to English and Roman Hindi to English. Such diverse database will definitely assist you in the long run. Legacy Meaning in Urdu is Meeras, written in Roman Urdu.  It is written as میراث in Urdu.The other meaning of Legacy is MaalMatruka, also written as   مال متروکہ in Urdu language. Legacy stands for ‘A gift of property by will.’ By form, it is a noun. Its plural is Legacies. The word is pronounced as [leg-uh-see]. Legacy originated from Late Middle English. It is from Old French word ‘legacie,’ and from Medieval Latin,‘legatia’ and ‘legateship’. It also finds its roots in ‘legatus’ which means ‘person delegated’.The synonyms of Legacy include Bequest, Birthright, Devise, Endowment, Estate, Gift, Heirloom, Throwback and Tradition. Urdupoint is the most authentic place to find out Legacy Meaning in Urdu. Browse our online dictionaries to explore more meanings and translations.