Spouse Meaning In Urdu

Spouse Meaning in Urdu is Zoj, as written in Roman Urdu and زوج, as written in Urdu. The other meanings of Spouse are Shadi Karna, MianYaBiwi, Fareeq Sani, Zoj and Mehram. You can find more meanings, synonyms and antonyms of Spouse, which are given on this page.


[noun spous, spouz; verb spouz, spous]



Definitions of Spouse

Form Noun

How To Spell Spouse [noun spous, spouz; verb spouz, spous]

Origin of Spouse Middle English: from Old French spous(e), variant of espous(e), from Latin sponsus (masculine), sponsa (feminine), past participles of spondere ‘betroth’.

Antonyms For Spouse , Opposite to Spouse

Enemy, Foe,

Spouse Meaning in Urdu

Humans carry distinct names on the basis of their relations with others. When they nurture a child, they are called parents. The same people might be children, siblings, aunts or uncles to a lot of other people. When they marry, they are accompanied with the new in-law relations. They become daughter in law, son in law, sister in law, and a lot others. But most importantly, they are spouses. They are either a husband or a wife. According to our English to Urdu Dictionary, the Spouse Meaning in Urdu is Zoj. It is written as زوج in Urdu language. Other Spouse Meanings include Shadi Karna, MianYaBiwi, Fareeq Sani, Zoj and Mehram. All these meanings are written both in Urdu and Roman Urdu to better help you understand how they are written and pronounced.

By definition, Spouse stands for a man or woman engaged or joined in wedlock. He is either a husband or a wife. By form, spouse is a noun and its verb is ‘to espouse.’ When spouse is a noun, it is spelled as [spous, spouz]. When it is a verb, it is spelled as [spouz, spous]. Spouse finds its origins in Middle English. It is from Old French word spous(e) and a variant of espous(e). Latin word sponsus (masculine) andsponsa (feminine) are also some origins. It is also the past participle of spondere, meaning ‘betroth’. The synonyms of Spouse include Bride, Companion, Groom, Helpmate, Husband, Man, Mate, Partner, Roommate, Wife, Woman and Better Half. The antonyms of Spouse are Enemy and Foe.