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English to Urdu Meaning for Word Widgeon is سرخاب, Translation from English into Urdu of Widgeon is سرخاب, Widgeon in Roman Means Surkhab, and in Urdu it means سرخاب, In roman we write as Surkhab.
English WordWidgeon
Urdu Meaningسرخاب
Bari Bat Ki Aik Qisam بڑی بط کی ایک قسم
Surkhab سرخاب
Jungli Bat جنگلی بط

Definitions of Widgeon

n. Any one of several species of fresh-water ducks, especially those belonging to the subgenus Mareca, of the genus Anas. The common European widgeon (Anas penelope) and the American widgeon (Anas Americana) are the most important species. The latter is called also baldhead, baldpate, baldface, baldcrown, smoking duck, wheat, duck, and whitebelly.

Form : Noun, Plural Widgeons (especially Collectively) Widgeon For 1.

How To Spell Widgeon : [wij-uh n]

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