Adawat English Meaning - Translate Adawat (Rancorously) into English from Urdu

Adawat Meaning from Urdu to English is Rancorously, Translate Urdu word Adawat to English. Adawat in English means Rancorously. Adawat Urdu to English Translation means Rancorously and Rancorously Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordAdawat
English WordRancorously
Urdu Meaningتلخی
Talkhi تلخی
Bad Dili بد دلی
Dushmani دُشمنی
Nafrat نفرت
Taasub تعصُب
Adawat عداوت

Definitions of Rancorously

adv. In a rancorous manner.

Synonyms For Rancorously , Similar to Rancorously

Bitterly, Hardly, Keenly, Reluctantly, Slowly, Sorely,

Antonyms For Rancorously , Opposite to Rancorously

Easily, Gently, Indulgently, Moderately, Softly, Tolerantly, Unenthusiastically, Yielding,

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