Be Misaal English Meaning - Translate Be Misaal (Eximious) into English from Urdu

Be Misaal Meaning from Urdu to English is Eximious, Translate Urdu word Be Misaal to English. Be Misaal in English means Eximious. Be Misaal Urdu to English Translation means Eximious and Eximious Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordBe Misaal
English WordEximious
Urdu Meaningاعلی
Numaya نُمایاں
Mumtaz مُمتاز
Aُmd_h عُمدہ
Behtareen بہترین
Aala اعلی
Acha اَچھا
Wazeh واضِح
Be Misaal بے مِثال
Laa Sani لا سانی
Na Yab نا یاب

Definitions of Eximious

adj. Select; choice; hence, extraordinary, excellent.

Form : Adjective, Obsolete.

How To Spell Eximious : [eg-zim-ee-uh s]

Origin of Eximious : Mid 16th century; earliest use found in Andrew Borde (c1490–1549), physician and author. From classical Latin eximius excepted, select, choice, outstanding, exceptional, remarkable, special + -ous.

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