Iss Had Tak English Meaning - Translate Iss Had Tak (Insomuch) into English from Urdu

Iss Had Tak Meaning from Urdu to English is Insomuch, Translate Urdu word Iss Had Tak to English. Iss Had Tak in English means Insomuch. Iss Had Tak Urdu to English Translation means Insomuch and Insomuch Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordIss Had Tak
English WordInsomuch
Urdu Meaningاس قدر
Iss Qadar اس قدر
Iss Had Tak اس حد تک

Definitions of Insomuch

adv. So; to such a degree; in such wise; -- followed by that or as, and formerly sometimes by both. Cf. inasmuch.

Form : Adverb

How To Spell Insomuch : [in-suh-muhch, -soh-]

Origin of Insomuch : Late Middle English: originally as in so much, translating French en tant (que) ‘in so much (as)’.

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