Jawabi Amal English Meaning - Translate Jawabi Amal (Reactions) into English from Urdu

Jawabi Amal Meaning from Urdu to English is Reactions, Translate Urdu word Jawabi Amal to English. Jawabi Amal in English means Reactions. Jawabi Amal Urdu to English Translation means Reactions and Reactions Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordJawabi Amal
English WordReactions
Urdu Meaningمدافعت
Radeamal ردعمل
Jawabi Amal جوابی عمل
Mudafat مدافعت

Synonyms For Reactions , Similar to Reactions

Answer, Attitude, Backfire, Backlash, Boomerang, Comeback, Compensation, Counteraction, Counterbalance, Counterpoise, Echo, Feedback, Feeling, Hit, Kick, Kickback, Lip, Opinion, Rebound, Reception, Receptivity, Reciprocation, Recoil, Reflection, Reflex, Rejoinder, Repercussion, Reply, Retort, Return, Reverberation, Revulsion, Take, Vibes, Wisecrack, Back Talk, Sass, Snappy Comeback, Reagency,

Antonyms For Reactions , Opposite to Reactions

Cause, Failure, Loss, Question, Request,

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