Mout English Meaning - Translate Mout (Decease) into English from Urdu

Mout Meaning from Urdu to English is Decease, Translate Urdu word Mout to English. Mout in English means Decease. Mout Urdu to English Translation means Decease and Decease Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordMout
English WordDecease
Urdu Meaningموت
Intqaal انتقال
Fanaa فنا
Mout موت

Definitions of Decease

n. Departure, especially departure from this life; death.

intransitive v. To depart from this life; to die; to pass away.

Form : Noun

How To Spell Decease : [dih-sees]

Origin of Decease : Middle English: from Old French deces, from Latin decessus ‘death’, past participle (used as a noun) of decedere ‘to die’.

Synonyms For Decease , Similar to Decease

Curtains, Demise, Departure, Dissolution, Dying, Passing, Quietus, Release, Silence, Sleep, Taps, Grim Reaper, Passing Over, The End, Buying The Farm, Defunction, Passing Away,

Antonyms For Decease , Opposite to Decease


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