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Sakht Saza Dena English Meaning - Translate Sakht Saza Dena (Peppering) into English from Urdu

Sakht Saza Dena Meaning from Urdu to English is Peppering, Translate Urdu word Sakht Saza Dena to English. Sakht Saza Dena in English means Peppering. Sakht Saza Dena Urdu to English Translation means Peppering and Peppering Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordSakht Saza Dena
English WordPeppering
Urdu Meaningمرچ
Mirchain Daalna مرچیں ڈالنا
Mirch Chirakna مرچ چھڑکنا
Sakht Saza Dena سخت سزا دینا
Mirch مرچ
Mirchi مرچی

Definitions of Peppering

adj. Hot; pungent; peppery.

Synonyms For Peppering , Similar to Peppering

Dab, Dabble, Fleck, Freckle, Pepper, Pimple, Sprinkle, Stipple, Stud, Bespeckle,

Antonyms For Peppering , Opposite to Peppering

Collect, Gather,

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