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Shadeed English Meaning - Translate Shadeed into English from Urdu

Shadeed Meaning from Urdu to English, Translate Urdu word Shadeed to English. Shadeed in English means Education. Shadeed Urdu to English Translation
Roman Urdu WordSakht
English WordSevere
Urdu Meaningسخت
Sakht سخت
Shadeed شدید
Tund تند
Bay Reham بے رحم

Definitions of Severe

adj. Serious in feeling or manner; sedate; grave; austere; not light, lively, or cheerful.

adj. Very strict in judgment, discipline, or government; harsh; not mild or indulgent; rigorous.

adj. Rigidly methodical, or adherent to rule or principle; exactly conformed to a standard; not allowing or employing unneccessary ornament, amplification, etc.; strict; -- said of style, argument, etc.

adj. Sharp; afflictive; distressing; violent; extreme.

adj. Difficult to be endured; exact; critical; rigorous.

Form : Adjective, Severer, Severest.

How To Spell Severe : [suh-veer]

Synonyms For Severe , Similar to Severe

Astringent, Austere, Biting, Caustic, Close, Cold, Cruel, Cutting, Dour, Earnest, Firm, Flinty, Forbidding, Grave, Grim, Hard, Harsh, Inconsiderate, Inexorable, Inflexible, Obdurate, Oppressive, Peremptory, Pitiless, Relentless, Resolute, Rigid, Satirical, Scathing, Serious, Sober, Stern, Stiff, Strict, Unalterable, Unbending, Unchanging, Unfeeling, Unrelenting,

Antonyms For Severe , Opposite to Severe

Amenable, Calm, Compromising, Easy, Facile, Friendly, Kind, Mild, Temperate, Willing,

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