Yaksaa Hona English Meaning - Translate Yaksaa Hona (Resembles) into English from Urdu

Yaksaa Hona Meaning from Urdu to English is Resembles, Translate Urdu word Yaksaa Hona to English. Yaksaa Hona in English means Resembles. Yaksaa Hona Urdu to English Translation means Resembles and Resembles Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordYaksaa Hona
English WordResembles
Urdu Meaningیکساں ہونا
Mushabihat Rakhna مشابہت رکھنا
Manind Hona مانند ہونا
Yaksaa Hona یکساں ہونا

Synonyms For Resembles , Similar to Resembles

Approximate, Coincide, Double, Duplicate, Echo, Favor, Feature, Follow, Match, Mirror, Parallel, Relate, Simulate, Take After, Correspond To, Sound Like, Bring To Mind, Pass For, Appear Like, Be Similar To, Be The Very Picture Of, Bear Resemblance To, Come Close To, Come Near, Have Earmarks Of, Have Signs Of, Remind One Of, Seem Like, Smack Of,

Antonyms For Resembles , Opposite to Resembles

Contradict, Contrast, Deviate, Differ, Disagree,

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