Urdu Word اعتبار Meaning in English

Aitbaarاعتبار Meaning in English is crediting. Other similar words are Bharosa, Jama, Wasooli, YaqeenKarna, Tasleem Karna and Maanna. All of them are written in Roman Urdu. Scroll down this page to find more English Meanings of Aitbaar.




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Aitbaarاعتبار Meaning in English

And we come back to English Meaning of Aitbaar. Aitbaar is written in Roman Urdu and it is written as اعتبار in Urdu. Aitbaar Meaning in English is crediting. It is also known as trust a person places in someone else. According to the parts of speech, Aitbaar is a noun. Other similar words include Bharosa, Jama, Wasooli, Yaqeen Karna, Tasleem Karna and Maanna. We have listed these similar words both in Urdu and Roman Urdu, for you to understand properly. So, feel free to use the English Meaning of Aitbaar in your writings.