Urdu Word دھویں سے کالا ہونا Meaning in English - Smokiness - دھویں سے کالا ہونا کا مطلب انگلش میں

Urdu to English Meaning of دھویں سے کالا ہونا . Dhuwen Say Kala Hona Translation from Urdu into English means Smokiness. Find English Meaning of دھویں سے کالا ہونا and related words to Dhuwen Say Kala Hona and Smokiness
Searched WordDhuwen Say Kala Hona
English WordSmokiness
Urdu Meaningدھویں سے کالا ہونا
Dhuwen Say Kala Hona دھویں سے کالا ہونا

Definitions of Smokiness

n. The quality or state of being smoky.

Synonyms For Smokiness , Similar to Smokiness

Black, Blackness, Blackout, Brownout, Cloudiness, Crepuscule, Dark, Dimness, Dusk, Duskiness, Eclipse, Gloom, Murk, Murkiness, Nightfall, Obscurity, Shade, Shadiness, Shadows, Twilight, Lightlessness, Cimmerian Shade, Tenebrosity,

Antonyms For Smokiness , Opposite to Smokiness

Brightness, Cognizance, Day, Daylight, Daytime, Enlightening, Illumination, Intelligence, Light, Lightness, Morning, Sense, Sensibility, Understanding,

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