Urdu Word خود داب جوش دان Meaning in English - Autoclaved - خود داب جوش دان کا مطلب انگلش میں

Urdu to English Meaning of خود داب جوش دان . Khud Daab Josh Daan Translation from Urdu into English means Autoclaved. Find English Meaning of خود داب جوش دان and related words to Khud Daab Josh Daan and Autoclaved
Searched WordKhud Daab Josh Daan
English WordAutoclaved
Urdu Meaningخود داب جوش دان
Auto Klyo آٹو کلیو
Khud Daab Josh Daan خود داب جوش دان
Bhaap Kay Zariye Pak Karnay Ka Samaan بھاپ کے ذریعے پاک کرنے کا سامان

Synonyms For Autoclaved , Similar to Autoclaved

Alter, Autoclave, Castrate, Change, Clean, Decontaminate, Desexualize, Disinfect, Emasculate, Fix, Fumigate, Incapacitate, Neuter, Pasteurize, Sanitize, Spay, Purify, Make Sterile,

Antonyms For Autoclaved , Opposite to Autoclaved

Adulterate, Aid, Assist, Continue, Corrupt, Dirty, Help, Keep, Remain,

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