Urdu Word تاریخِ نُطفہ Meaning in English - Ontogeny - تاریخِ نُطفہ کا مطلب انگلش میں

Urdu to English Meaning of تاریخِ نُطفہ . Tarikh Nutfa Translation from Urdu into English means Ontogeny. Find English Meaning of تاریخِ نُطفہ and related words to Tarikh Nutfa and Ontogeny
Searched WordTarikh Nutfa
English WordOntogeny
Urdu Meaningتاریخِ نُطفہ
Tarikhِ Nutfa تاریخِ نُطفہ
Irtiqa Janeen اِرتقاء جنین

Form : Noun, Biology.

How To Spell Ontogeny : [on-toj-uh-nee]

Origin of Ontogeny : Late 19th century: from Greek ōn, ont- ‘being’ + -geny.

Synonyms For Ontogeny , Similar to Ontogeny

Addition, Adulthood, Advance, Advancement, Advancing, Augmentation, Augmenting, Boost, Chrysalis, Developing, Elaborating, Enlargement, Evolution, Evolvement, Evolving, Expansion, Flowering, Hike, Improvement, Increase, Increasing, Maturation, Maturing, Maturity, Ongoing, Ontogenesis, Perfecting, Reinforcement, Reinforcing, Ripening, Spread, Spreading, Unfolding, Unraveling, Upgrowth, Upping, Progress, Progression, Adding To, Making Progress,

Antonyms For Ontogeny , Opposite to Ontogeny

Decline, Decrease, Halt, Lessening, Reduction, Retreat, Retrogression, Shrinkage, Stagnation, Stoppage, Withdrawal,

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