Athens Designates Turkey As Safe Country For Asylum Seekers


Athens Designates Turkey as Safe Country for Asylum Seekers

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 07th June, 2021) Turkey is a safe country for asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Somalia, according to the Joint Ministerial Decision of the Greek Ministries for Foreign Affairs, Migration and Asylum.

"The Joint Ministerial Decision acknowledges that Turkey meets all those conditions for examining applications for international protection of applicants whose origin is from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Somalia, as they are not considered to be in any danger in the neighboring country due to their race, religion, citizenship, political beliefs," the Ministry of Migration and Asylum stated on Monday.

Turkey hosts 4 million refugees and asylum seekers, 3.6 million of whom are Syrian. Irregular migrants from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries occasionally attempt to enter Greece via Turkey, using the former as an entry point to Europe. According to the deal signed between Turkey and the European Union in 2016, all new illegal migrants crossing from Turkey into Greek islands are returned to Turkey. Turkey takes measures to prevent new sea or land routes for illegal migration opening from Turkey to the EU. The EU also provides financial support to refugees in Turkey.