Guido Envoy To US Visits Citgo Headquarters In Houston - Statement


Guido Envoy to US Visits Citgo Headquarters in Houston - Statement

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 15th March, 2019) Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido's US envoy Carlos Vecchio visited the Houston headquarters of Citgo, US subsidiary of Venezuelan state-owned energy company PDVSA, his office said in a press release.

"Ambassador Vecchio met with the Executive Vice President of Citgo Petroleum Corporation, Rick Esser, and with the Secretary of the Board, Fernando Vera, to verify the continuity of operations of the Venezuelan oil corporation in the United States," the release said on Thursday.

In January, the United States blocked $7 billion in PDVSA assets in its jurisdiction and imposed a ban on deals with the entity as part of efforts to facilitate a power transfer.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that by blocking PDVSA assets, the United States was taking care of this company in the interests of the Venezuelan people.

Caracas has slammed the move as unlawful and accused Washington of seeking to get its hands on Venezuelan oil reserves.

In February, Guaido's office in the United States announced Citgo's new board of directors. PDVSA called the appointment an attempt to "steal the wealth of the people," while Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro promised to bring to trial those who would recognize the new appointments.

Earlier on Thursday, the US Department of Treasury issued a new general license extending by 18 months the deadline by which Citgo and its parent company PDV Holding must wrap up its transactions with the Venezuelan oil company.

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