Russia's Kalinin NPP Says Launched All 3 Turned Off Power Units


Russia's Kalinin NPP Says Launched All 3 Turned Off Power Units

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 21st July, 2019) All three power units of the Kalinin nuclear power plant (NPP), which got disconnected from the power grid on Thursday, have been launched as of Saturday evening, the NPP said.

On Thursday, three out of four power units of the Kalinin NPP, located in the town of Udomlya, Tver Region, were stopped after two high-voltage power transmission lines turned off as a result of short circuit in one of the transformers. The first and the fourth power units have already been relaunched.

"The second power unit has been connected to the power grid ... At 9:33 p.m. [18:33 GMT] on July 20, the second power unit of the Kalinin NPP reached the normal capacity of 1,000 megawatt," the plant said in a statement.

The NPP added that all four power units were operating in a normal mode.

Earlier statements of the NPP pointed out that the incident had not resulted in radioactive pollution in the area.

The Kalinin NPP was put into service in 1985. The first and second power units use VVER-1000/338 reactors, while the third and the fourth units VVER-1000/320 reactors.

The NPP supplies majority of electricity in the Tver Region and partially satisfies the needs of neighboring regions.

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