Trump Says He Spoke To Family Of Killed African-American Man George Floyd


Trump Says He Spoke to Family of Killed African-American Man George Floyd

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 30th May, 2020) US President Donald Trump said that he spoke to the family of George Floyd, the African American man and Minneapolis resident who died on Monday while being arrested by police, and urged preventing the legitimate public outcry from descending into anarchy.

"I spoke to members of the family, terrific people," Trump said during a roundtable meeting with US business leaders at the White House on Friday.

On Tuesday, a video posted online showed a white Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, pinning Floyd to the ground with his knee on his neck for nearly eight minutes while being handcuffed. Floyd repeatedly said he cannot breathe until becoming unresponsive.

He died at a local hospital shortly thereafter.

In the wake of his death public unrest has erupted in the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul and other surrounding communities as well as in other localities throughout the United States.

Trump said on Friday that the US government can not allow the situation in Minneapolis descent into anarchy and chaos and let the looters in Minneapolis and other cities to "drown the voices of so many peaceful protesters."

Earlier in the day, Chauvin was with charged with murder and manslaughter. In addition, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced that he imposed a curfew in the city.