US To Ship 500,000 Vaccine Doses To Uruguay, 1.4Mln Doses To Afghanistan - White House


US to Ship 500,000 Vaccine Doses to Uruguay, 1.4Mln Doses to Afghanistan - White House

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 08th July, 2021) The United States will ship some 500,000 doses of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine to Uruguay and 1.4 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine to Afghanistan, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said on Thursday.

"We will ship 500,000 Pfizer vaccine doses to Uruguay and we will ship 1.4 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine to Afghanistan, Psaki said during a press briefing.

The move is part of the Biden administration's commitment to share 80 million doses with countries around the world.

The US government allocates the vaccines on the basis of availability and whether countries are ready to receive and administer them.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration announced that 1 million doses of the coronavirus vaccines will be delivered to Bolivia and Paraguay. Guatemala and Vietnam received a combined 3.5 million doses of the Moderna vaccines on Tuesday and 4 million doses of the Moderna vaccine were sent to Indonesia late last week.