Natawan Hona English Meaning - Translate Natawan Hona (Languished) into English from Urdu

Natawan Hona Meaning from Urdu to English is Languished, Translate Urdu word Natawan Hona to English. Natawan Hona in English means Languished. Natawan Hona Urdu to English Translation means Languished and Languished Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordNatawan Hona
English WordLanguished
Urdu Meaningکمزور ہونا
Kamzor Hona کمزور ہونا
Natawan Hona ناتواں ہونا

Synonyms For Languished , Similar to Languished

Brood, Decline, Desire, Despond, Deteriorate, Dwindle, Ebb, Fade, Fag, Fail, Faint, Flag, Grieve, Hanker, Hunger, Long, Pine, Repine, Rot, Sicken, Sigh, Snivel, Sorrow, Suffer, Tucker, Waste, Weaken, Wilt, Wither, Yearn, Knock Out, Conk Out, Waste Away, Be Disregarded, Be Neglected, Die On Vine, Fag Out, Go Soft,

Antonyms For Languished , Opposite to Languished

Build, Delight, Despise, Develop, Dislike, Flourish, Grow, Hate, Improve, Increase, Rise, Strengthen, Be Happy,

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