Uthna English Meaning - Translate Uthna (Awaken) into English from Urdu

Uthna Meaning from Urdu to English is Awaken, Translate Urdu word Uthna to English. Uthna in English means Awaken. Uthna Urdu to English Translation means Awaken and Awaken Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordUthna
English WordAwaken
Urdu Meaningجاگنا
Uthna اٹھنا
Jagna جاگنا
Hoshiyar Hona ہوشیار ہونا

Definitions of Awaken

v. To rouse from sleep or torpor; to awake; to wake.

Form : Verb (used With Or Without Object)

How To Spell Awaken : [uh-wey-kuh n]

Origin of Awaken : Old English onwæcnan, from on ‘on’ + waken.

Synonyms For Awaken , Similar to Awaken

Activate, Animate, Arouse, Awake, Call, Enliven, Excite, Fan, Incite, Kindle, Rally, Revive, Rouse, Stimulate, Vivify, Wake, Provoke, Turn Out, Stir Up, Roll Out, Pile Out,

Antonyms For Awaken , Opposite to Awaken

Bore, Calm, Deaden, Discourage, Hypnotize, Lull, Quiet, Sleep, Stop, Go To Sleep,

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