Urdu Word اجرا Meaning in English - Enforcing - اجرا کا مطلب انگلش میں

Urdu to English Meaning of اجرا . Ajra Translation from Urdu into English means Enforcing. Find English Meaning of اجرا and related words to Ajra and Enforcing
Searched WordAjra
English WordEnforcing
Urdu Meaningاجرا
Jaari Karna جاری کرنا
Nafiz Karna نافظ کرنا
Majboor Karna مجبور کرنا
Ajra اجراء

Synonyms For Enforcing , Similar to Enforcing

Accomplish, Administer, Apply, Barred, Coerce, Commandeer, Compel, Constrain, Demand, Dictate, Discharge, Drive, Effect, Emphasize, Exact, Execute, Exert, Expect, Extort, Fortify, Goad, Hound, Impel, Implement, Impose, Invoke, Lash, Make, Necessitate, Oblige, Perform, Reinforce, Require, Sanction, Spur, Strain, Urge, Whip, Wrest, Press, Carry Out, Prosecute,

Antonyms For Enforcing , Opposite to Enforcing

Abandon, Cease, Check, Delay, Deter, Disapprove, Discourage, Disregard, Dissuade, Drop, Fail, Forego, Forget, Give, Halt, Ignore, Lose, Miss, Neglect, Overlook, Refuse, Release, Repress, Stop, Give Up, Let Go, Prevent, Leave Alone, Not Finish,

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