Urdu Word تہمت لگانا Meaning in English - Traduce - تہمت لگانا کا مطلب انگلش میں

Searched WordTohmat Lagana
English WordTraduce
Urdu Meaningتہمت لگانا
Badnaam Karna بدنام کرنا
Tohmat Lagana تہمت لگانا
Ilzaam Lagana الزام لگانا

Definitions of Traduce

transitive v. To transfer; to transmit; to hand down.

transitive v. To translate from one language to another.

transitive v. To increase or distribute by propagation.

transitive v. To draw away; to seduce.

transitive v. To represent; to exhibit; to display; to expose; to make an example of.

transitive v. To expose to contempt or shame; to represent as blamable; to calumniate; to vilify; to defame.

Form : Verb (used With Object), Traduced, Traducing.

How To Spell Traduce : [truh-doos, -dyoos]

Origin of Traduce : Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘transport, transmit’): from Latin traducere ‘lead in front of others, expose to ridicule’, from trans- ‘over, across’ + ducere ‘to lead’.

Synonyms For Traduce , Similar to Traduce

Calumniate, Defame, Denigrate, Disgrace, Malign, Slander, Slur, Smear, Vilify,

Antonyms For Traduce , Opposite to Traduce

Compliment, Exalt, Flatter, Honor, Praise,

Urdu to English Meaning of تہمت لگانا is Traduce. In Roman Urdu it is written as Tohmat Lagana.

Tohmat Lagana تہمت لگانا Meaning in English - Find the correct meaning of Tohmat Lagana in English, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from Urdu to English. There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Tohmat Lagana in English is Traduce, and in Urdu we write it تہمت لگانا. The other meanings are Badnaam Karna, Tohmat Lagana and Ilzaam Lagana. There are also several similar words to Tohmat Lagana in our dictionary, which are Calumniate, Defame, Denigrate, Disgrace, Malign, Slander, Slur, Smear and Vilify. Apart from similar words, there are always opposite words in dictionary too, the opposite words for Tohmat Lagana are Compliment, Exalt, Flatter, Honor and Praise. After Urdu to English translation of Tohmat Lagana, If you have issues in pronunciation than you can hear the audio of it in the online dictionary.

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