Madhuri’s Tribute To Sri Devi


Madhuri’s tribute to Sri Devi

Mumbai, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 15th july, 2016) : Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit will dance on popular songs of Sri Devi, the most successfule actress of her time. According to a report of Indian Express, Madhuri Dixit, 49-year-old, will be seen dancing on the popular song of Sri Devi 'mere hatho mein nou nou chooriya hein’ in the grand finaly of a dance reality show.

According to show management Madhuri is also paying a tribute to Sridevi through her dance. The interesting thing is that Sri Devi and Madhuri were thought competing actresses in their time. Madhuri will also be seen dancing on the song ‘dhuany Mastani’ of Deepika Padukone’s film ‘Baji Rao Mastani’.

A choreographer of Geeta Kapoor has choreographed Madhuri’s dance. The last episode of dance show 'So U Think U Can Dance’ will be aired on July 17.