UAE Continues Sending Relief Convoys To Yemen


UAE continues sending relief convoys to Yemen

ADEN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 16th Sep, 2019) The UAE is continuing to send relief convoys to several Yemeni governorates, as part of its emergency response campaign covering relief, health, education and hygiene, which began in early September on the occasion of the Year of Tolerance 2019.

The campaign was launched under the framework of the UAE’s humanitarian initiatives and projects in Yemen’s liberated governorates, including in Aden, Lahej, Abyan, Al Dhale, Hadramaut and Shabwa, as well as in Hodeidah and Taiz in the Red Sea Coast.

The campaign distributed 15,000 food baskets in Aden, Lahej and Abyan, to assist the families of martyrs and needy families.

Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, volunteer teams in Aden launched the campaign in mid-August by distributing over 3,000 food baskets, which benefitted around 21,000 people, as well as more than 80,000-cubic litres of drinking water in several Aden neighbourhoods.

As part of the campaign, the ERC teams also launched a large-scale relief programme in the city of Zanzibar, the capital of Abyan, which distributed over 2,000 food baskets that benefitted 14,000 people.

The ERC is continuing to distribute relief and food assistance in Hadramaut, where it already distributed 1,115 food baskets that benefitted 5,575 members of poor and needy families in Eastern Dis, Damoun and Fujairah in Tarim District, Wadi, as well as in Al Gurf, Al Rudd and Shriouf in Tarim District, Hadramaut Valley.

The number of food baskets distributed in Hadramaut since the start of the Year of Tolerance amounted to 25,744 while the total number of food baskets distributed in Yemen’s liberated governorates was more than 320,000, benefitting 2.24 million people.

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