PMIK Gets Extra Ordinary Support For His Statement Against Obscenity


PMIK gets extra ordinary support for his statement against obscenity

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 8th Apr, 2021 ) :Leadership of different Religious and political organizations on Thursday announced to support the Prime Minister Imran Khan for his statement that obscenity and nudity played key role behind instances of molestation and abuse of boys and girls.

Top Religious Leadership in the country endorsing PM's stance, stated that the issue pointed out by the Prime Minister Imran khan is very clear and explicit that there is no doubt that the way things are shown and displayed that promote obscenity and nudity are also the basic cause of abuse and molestation of boys and girls.

In a joint statement, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council and Special Aide to Prime Minister on Interfaith Harmony and middle East along with leadership of different Religious schools of thought including Maulana Asad Zakaria Qasmi, Maulana Muhammad Shafi Qasmi, Maulana Noman Hashir, Maulana Tahir Aqeel Awan, Maulana Aziz Akbar Qasmi, Maulana Shakeel-ur-Rehman Qasmi, Maulana Muhammad Aslam Siddiqui, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Maulana Hamid-ul-Haq Haqqani, Maulana Syed Muhammad Yusuf Shah, Muthahida Jamiat Ahle Hadith Syed Ziaullah Shah Bukhari, Shia Ulema Council Allama Arif Wahidi, National Solidarity Council Maulana Qasim Qasmi, Wafaqul Masajid-o-Madaris Pakistan, Maulana Ayub Safdar and others said that the stance of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan would be fully supported in the Jumuah Al-Mubarak congregations all over the country.

The religious scholars underlined that that the Prime Minister had never held a woman responsible for obscenity and nudity, whether it was a woman or a man who spread obscenity and nudity is equally condemnable.

In Quran, when women are commanded to observe Hijab, men are also instructed to down their eyes (gaze).

In this scenario, criticizing the one section of the statement of Prime Minister is very condemnable and sorrowful.

A limited section of life in Pakistan used to offend Pakistan's ideological basis and Pakistan's traditions and the rules of Islamic law.

People of Pakistan fully support the stance of the Prime Minister and in Friday sermon, all religious scholars will announce to support and endorse the stance of Prime Minister in this regard.

Public will also be appealed in Friday's congregations toKeep themselves and their children away from all those acts, elements and practices that promotes obscenity and nudity.