Baby Dies After Indian Hospital Staff Demand Bribes: Family

Baby dies after Indian hospital staff demand bribes: family

NEW DELHI,(APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 11th Augst,2016) - An Indian family alleged Thursday that their 10-month-old baby died after treatment was delayed by staff at a large, government-run hospital demanding bribes. Sumita and Shiv Dutt said they rushed their ill son to the hospital on Sunday night in Uttar Pradesh state, where a nurse demanded payment in return for getting their paperwork submitted.

A cleaner then reportedly demanded another bribe to arrange a bed for the child in Bahraich hospital, which the family said on Indian television they had no choice but to pay.

Sumita Dutt alleged a medic asked for money two days later to administer an injection, but she had run out of funds, leading to an argument and a delay in the child receiving the treatment.

"I asked him to give me some time, promising to give him whatever amount he asked for," the sobbing mother told NDTV news network, cradling her dead child in Bahraich town.