PREVIEW - Int'l. Contact Group To Discuss Venezuela May 6-7 In Costa Rica After Failed Coup Attempt

PREVIEW - Int'l. Contact Group to Discuss Venezuela May 6-7 in Costa Rica After Failed Coup Attempt

SAN JOSE (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 06th May, 2019) The ministers of the International Contact Group (ICG) will hold their third meeting on the crisis in Venezuela on Monday and Tuesday in Costa Rica's capital San Jose to address the situation in the country after the failed coup attempt last week.

The meeting comes after the latest attempt by Venezuela's opposition to overthrow the elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.

On Tuesday, the Venezuelan opposition led by self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaido attempted to orchestrate a coup to oust Maduro from power. The Venezuelan authorities said that the coup attempt failed, but unrest and violence continued.

"Current events confirm the necessity and urgency of such political solution. The crisis is worsening and aggravating the already dire humanitarian situation of the Venezuelan people," the ICG said in a statement on Wednesday.

The ICG comprises eight EU member states-France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom and four Latin American countries-Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Uruguay. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini is scheduled to participate in the meeting.

The joint statement said the "ICG will spare no efforts in support of democracy and rule of law in Venezuela, through free and fair elections, in accordance with the Venezuelan Constitution."

On Thursday, the local non-governmental organization Foro Penal said more than 300 people have been injured during rallies in Venezuela on April 30 and May 1. The Venezuelan authorities have not commented on the figures.

The meeting of the contact group will take place after the 90 days framework previously set up for its operation, so the participants are expected to decide whether to extend the mandate of this format.

The meeting in Costa Rica will follow the ministerial meetings in Montevideo, Uruguay, in February and in Quito, Ecuador, in March.

After its ministerial-level meeting in March, the ICG issued a declaration ruling out the use of force in Venezuela and suggesting that local political parties should reach an agreement on the basis of a road map for holding a new presidential election.

The ICG, whose creation the EU announced in late January, aims to create conditions for a peaceful process that will enable Venezuelans to define their future via free transparent elections, held in compliance with the country's constitution.

In February, Mexico, Uruguay and Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries proposed the so-called Montevideo mechanism to resolve the crisis in Venezuela. The mechanism envisages four phases: Creating conditions for a direct dialogue between the conflicting parties, establishing a negotiations process, drafting an agreement and implementing a deal.

Venezuela has been going through severe political crisis since January, when Guaido disputed the results of the May 2018 election and declared himself interim president of Venezuela. The United States and 54 countries recognized Guaido and called on Maduro to step down.

Maduro has called Guaido a puppet of the United States and accused the United States of orchestrating a coup in Venezuela to effect a change of government and claim the country's resources.

Russia, China, Bolivia, Turkey and numerous other countries recognize Maduro as the only legitimate president of Venezuela.