US Airline Assoc In Touch With Authorities, Pipeline Operators On Fuel Shortage - Official

US Airline Assoc in Touch With Authorities, Pipeline Operators on Fuel Shortage - Official

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 27th July, 2021) Airlines For America (A4A) has been in touch with both the Federal authorities and the pipeline operators on the nationwide fuel shortage, A4A's Managing Director of Industry Communications Carter Yang told Sputnik.

"We have been and continue to be in communication with federal authorities and pipeline operators to address this jet fuel capacity issue," Yang said on Monday.

Yang pointed out that a lack of available pipeline space for jet fuel as well as a shortage of fuel trucks and drivers amid surging demand for air travel and cargo are adding to low fuel inventories at some airports, particularly in smaller ones in the western United States.

"US airlines are working to accommodate that demand while minimizing any potential disruptions to passengers or shippers," Yang said. "Carriers are taking proactive measures such as having aircraft take on extra fuel at non-impacted origin airports in order to supplement the fuel supply at impacted destination airports."

A4A advocates on behalf of its member airlines to shape crucial policies and measures that promote safety, security and a healthy US airline industry, and works Congress to improve aviation for the traveling and shipping public, according to its website.

A4A comments come amid the reports that the fuel shortages will last through almost the end of the summer.

American Airlines jet fuel shortages that impacted mostly Western cities amid wildfires have spread across the United States and will continue until the middle of August, CNBC reported citing an internal company memorandum.

US media reported that more than 20,000 firefighters were combating explosive wildfires across the West during the weekend, as homes burned and thousands of residents fled fast-spreading flames.

The airline warned its pilots about fuel delivery delays at certain midsize airports and asked them to save fuel when possible, according to the report. The carrier blamed the shortage on a lack of trucks, drivers and jet fuel supply itself, the report added.

The airline also said flights will carry additional fuel into airports affected by shortages, a procedure known as tankering.