How Can I Check My Remaining Minutes On Zong

How Can I Check My Remaining Minutes On Zong

Zong provides unparalleled services to its consumers. It ranges from call packages to data packages and bundles that provide both call and data packages to its users. These packages make communication with your loved ones more manageable and less expensive. Now you can contact your loved ones in or outside the country without hassle. And if you run out of balance, you can check your balance. Now, how can I check my remaining minutes on Zong?

The answer to this question is by dialing *222#. It will give you the remaining Zong balance consisting of SMs, Minutes, MBs, and credit balance with your very own Zong Balance Check Code.

Although Zong is famous for providing valuable services to its consumers, apart from the internet and minute details, Zong is also leading in letting its consumers enjoy other services of checking the balance.

Two methods allow the users to know the amount of credit they have with them and how many minutes are remaining.

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Balance Check Codes

The first method is dialing *222# from your phone and checking for your remaining Zong SMs, Minutes, MBs, and credit balance.

Or you can also dial *102*3# to see the remaining credit on your mobile phone.

My Zong App

It is the second method that allows the users to enjoy complete control over their usage and application of Zong services.

You need to install the My Zong App. You can install this app from Zong E-Care. After successfully installing the app, you will control the SMs, Minutes, MBs, and credit balance.

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