Comprehensive Roadmap To Discover, Nurture And Develop National Talent: Noura Al Kaabi


Comprehensive roadmap to discover, nurture and develop national talent: Noura Al Kaabi

DUBAI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 24th Oct, 2020) Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Youth, has approved the results and outputs of Skill Discovery Department at the Ministry of Possibilities and plans and initiatives that are being designed.

The plans include the launching of the National Talent Agenda, and the Talent Expert Programme to prepare a new generation of specialists in discovering and developing talents and the Coordinating Council for the Governance and Supervision of the Gifted System, in addition to the "Saqel" programme for developing national talents through specialised projects.

Al Kaabi emphasised that national talent is the wealth of the future, and a government priority on the agenda through work programmes, policies and strategies that stimulate the discovering, nurturing and development of talents to build an integrated system of talents in various fields and sectors capable of advancing the development journey in the country.

She said, "The outputs of the Department of UAE Talent at the Ministry of Possibilities are deemed a comprehensive roadmap for the various sectors in the country, allowing us to design programmes and initiatives that guarantee their incubation, development, utilisation of their potential and unleash their creativity by supporting them in various age stages, in a way that enhances the competitiveness of national talents globally.


"The UAE’s talents are a great force capable of playing a pivotal role in developing the creative sector in the country, especially in emerging sectors that have become an incubator for talent and influence the future economy," Al Kaabi noted.

She also stressed that the Department of UAE Talent has worked for a whole year with various Federal, local and international institutions to study the challenges facing the talented, and to study the best international practices to come up with quality initiatives that meet the aspirations of society and move the country to a new stage in which talent is a job for youth in the future, and adds value to the national economy.

The Department of UAE Talent aims to develop a mechanism to explore and analyse the skills of individuals, each according to his or her talent, to provide them with the necessary expertise and skills, to create an incubating environment for them, to provide the necessary data for their development, to work on creating tools for developing talent in professional ways, and to make data available at government and private departments.

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