13 Criminals Held; Drugs And Weapons Recovered


13 criminals held; drugs and weapons recovered

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th Sep, 2022 ) :Islamabad police on Wednesday apprehended 13 criminals and recovered drugs and weapons from their possession, a police spokesman said.

According to details, Kohsar police team arrested an accused namely Noman and recovered 450 gram hashish from his possession. Golra police team arrested Ikram and recovered one dagger from his possession.

Margallah police team arrested Shahid and recovered one 30 bore pistol from his possession while another accused Haris was nabbed by Shahzad Town police for having 1125 gram heroin.

Khanna police team arrested Nawab Khan and recovered one 30 bore pistol along with ammunition from his possession.

Sabzi Mandi police arrested Nadir khan and recovered 1120 gram hashish from his possession.

Furthermore, Noon police arrested two drug peddlers including a female and recovered 2075 gram hashish from their possession. The accused have been identified as Javed Iqbal and Gul Bibi.

Cases have been registered against the nabbed persons and further investigationwas underway. During a special crackdown against outlaws, police teams arrested five absconders from different areas of a city.