Algeria Rejects Roundtable WSahara Talks


Algeria rejects roundtable WSahara talks

Algeria on Friday ruled out returning to roundtable talks over the Western Sahara, days after the United Nations appointed a new envoy for the conflict

Algiers, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd Oct, 2021 ) :Algeria on Friday ruled out returning to roundtable talks over the Western Sahara, days after the United Nations appointed a new envoy for the conflict.

"We confirm our formal and irreversible rejection of the so-called roundtable format," Algeria's Western Sahara envoy Amar Belani told the APS news agency.

Algiers is seen as the main backer of the Polisario Front, which seeks independence in the disputed territory, mostly controlled by Algeria's arch-rival Morocco.

The International Crisis Group wrote earlier this month that "Rabat considers Western Sahara a regional issue and the Polisario an Algerian proxy", meaning Morocco wants Algeria at the table in any talks.

But some Polisario officials demand a return to bilateral talks on what they see as "a struggle by a colonised population for national liberation from a colonial power", the ICG report explained.

The last UN-led peace talks in 2019 involved top officials from Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and the Polisario.

But they were frozen after UN envoy Horst Kohler quit the post in May 2019.

He was finally replaced this month by veteran diplomat Staffan de Mistura.

The Security Council is expected to renew the mandate of peace mission MINURSO by October 27, and possibly call for new roundtable talks.

But Belani said Algeria had told the council it rejects the "deeply unbalanced" and "counterproductive" format, warning it would thwart De Mistura's efforts.

He accused Rabat of trying "to evade the characterisation of the Western Sahara issue as one of decolonisation and to portray it as a regional, artificial conflict".

Tensions have mounted between Rabat and Algiers since Morocco last year normalised ties with Israel and won US recognition of its sovereignty over the Western Sahara, a former Spanish colony rich in phosphate and Atlantic fisheries.

Algeria, which has long supported the Palestinian cause as well as the Polisario, in August cut diplomatic ties with its rival over "hostile actions", including alleged spying on its officials -- accusations Morocco dismisses.

The standoff also came after the Polisario declared a three-decade ceasefire "null and void" after a Moroccan incursion to break up a blockade of a highway into Mauritania.

Morocco sees the entire Western Sahara as an integral part of its territory and has offered autonomy there while firmly ruling out independence.

Belani urged the UN to treat the issue seriously.

"We must recognise that the risks of escalation are serious," he said. "Peace and stability in the region are at stake."