Canadian Foreign Minister Condemns Military Takeover Of Sudanese Government


Canadian Foreign Minister Condemns Military Takeover of Sudanese Government

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 26th October, 2021) Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau published a statement on Monday condemning the military takeover of Sudan's transitional government and standing in support of the Sudanese people's democratic aspirations.

"Canada strongly condemns the unconstitutional seizure of the government by the military in Sudan. This action is unacceptable and contrary to the will of the people of Sudan. We stand with the Sudanese people in their desire for a democratic future," Garneau said.

Canada calls upon the military to stand down, honor the provisions of democratic transition and restore the transition process, the minister added.

Sudanese military detained Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and several other cabinet ministers on Monday, prompting hundreds of people to take to the streets of the capital of Khartoum to protest the military takeover.

US State Department Spokesperson Ned price said that they are not in contact with Hamdok and have no information about his whereabouts or conditions to share.

The coup took place just weeks before the military was scheduled to hand leadership of the transitional council over to civilians. The military takeover comes more than two years after demonstrators toppled former President Omar Bashir and installed a civilian government that was supposed to oversee transition to a democratic rule.