Pompeo Says UN Call To End Washington's Embargo Against Havana 'Hurts Proud Cuban People'

Pompeo Says UN Call to End Washington's Embargo Against Havana 'Hurts Proud Cuban People'

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 09th November, 2019) US State Secretary Mike Pompeo on Saturday said the recent United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) vote in support of a resolution calling on the United States to end its blockade against Cuba hurt the proud people of the Latin American country.

On Thursday the UNGA overwhelmingly adopted the resolution against the United States' economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed on Cuba. The document was supported by 187 countries, while Brazil and Israel voted against it and Colombia and Ukraine abstained.

"Yesterday's @UN vote was a distraction and, frankly, sad. It hurts the proud Cuban people," Pompeo wrote on Twitter.

The state secretary said the United States was honored that Brazil and Israel joined Washington in supporting Cubans' rights.

The potential of the island nation would not be realized "until the Castro regime stops mismanaging the economy and repressing the Cuban people," Pompeo argued.

Cuba has been subject to a Cold War-era embargo imposed by the United States, which leaves the country's economy in crisis. The UNGA has adopted multiple resolutions calling on Washington to end its blockade against Havana. Still, the restrictions remain in place and have been tightened over the years.

Washington and Havana saw rapprochement under former US President Barack Obama. However, the administration of US President Donald Trump announced a U-turn in the policy toward Cuba, opting to retain the embargo on the Caribbean nation.

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