Quarantine Violator Gives Brain Injury To Female Police Officer In France - Reports

Quarantine Violator Gives Brain Injury to Female Police Officer in France - Reports

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 26th March, 2020) A quarantine violator in France's northern city of Beauvais smashed the head of a policewoman with a brick, which resulted in a severe brain injury, local media reported on Wednesday.

Since March 17, France restricted anti-coronavirus measures imposing a 135-euro ($144) fine on any person found in public who is unable to provide a written document certifying that their commute is essential and remote work is impossible.

According to the France Info broadcaster, the incident took place on Tuesday.

The police received a signal of violation of isolation in one of the districts of the city. Police officers tried to check the certificates allowing the alleged perpetrators to move across the city, but in response, the citizens began to attack the law enforcement officers with various objects.

The police detained two participants of the attack, but the one who throw the brick at the female officer remains free, the broadcaster added.

To date, France has confirmed over 25,000 cases of the disease and more than 1,300 fatalities.

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