RPT - Pentagon Favors Ceasefire In Libya, No Word On Turkish Troop Movements - Spokesman


RPT - Pentagon Favors Ceasefire in Libya, No Word on Turkish Troop Movements - Spokesman

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 16th January, 2020) The Pentagon wishes to see a ceasefire in Libya and has no public comments on reports of Turkey sending troops to the war-torn country, US Defense Department spokesman Jonathan Hoffman told reporters on Thursday.

"I don't have any additional information for you on Libya that I can share right now. Nothing that I have with regard to troop movements," Hoffman said at the press briefing. "Obviously we would like to see the issue in Libya take a peaceful turn with a ceasefire and better outcome for the Libyan people."

Libya is in the midst of a civil war between two rival administrations - the internationally recognized Government of National Accord, based in Tripoli, and the Libyan National Army in the east.

On Monday, Russia and Turkey mediated talks between the warring parties in Moscow. The meeting failed to produce a ceasefire, and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan announced on Thursday that he would dispatch troops to Libya in support of GNA.

Next Sunday, Germany will host the Berlin conference on the Libyan settlement, viewed as another international attempt to end hostilities.

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