Russian Defense Firm Working On New Chassis For Airborne Troops' Equipment - Rostec


Russian Defense Firm Working on New Chassis for Airborne Troops' Equipment - Rostec

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 13th August, 2019) Russian engineering firm Kurganmashzavod, a subsidiary of the state defense giant Rostec, is working on new chassis for robots and anti-tank missile launchers used by the country's airborne forces, Rostec's Industrial Director Sergey Abramov told Sputnik.

"Considering the wide range of systems and complexes commissioned by the Airborne Troops, the Special Machine Building Design Bureau [part of Kurganmashzavod] is working on various iterations of the modernized multipurpose infantry fighting vehicle that will carry these weapons. Kurganmashzavod is working on ... chassis for a self-propelled anti-tank missile launcher and a self-propelled multipurpose combat support robot," he said.

Kurganmashzavod, one of Russia's major defense companies, produces infantry fighting vehicles for defense forces in dozens of countries, as well as tracked all-terrain vehicles and other heavy equipment for civilian use.

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