Steel Fittings Production Plant In Aleppo Starts Operations First Time Since 2016


Steel Fittings Production Plant in Aleppo Starts Operations First Time Since 2016

ALEPPO (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 11th September, 2019) A restored plant near Syria's Aleppo, producing steel fitting, has released a first batch of output for the first time since 2016, Fateh Katerji, a head of a company owning the plant, said.

The plant was not operational since severe fighting for the country's economic hub ended in 2016 with the victory of the government troops.

Katari noted that about 800 tonnes of steel per shift were processed in Sheikh Nagar industrial zone. However, in the last pre-war year, about 1,900 companies operated in the industrial zone. The plant, which is the biggest one in the province, was restored one and a half year ago, but production was not established due to western economic sanctions against Damascus.

"We recovered in a very short time, but due to the western sanctions, we could not buy raw materials from abroad and that is why the company was not operational for almost nine months. Thanks to Russia, your country began to deliver raw materials to Syria, so we were finally able to get to work," Katerji said.

Syria has been marred by an armed conflict since 2011. In May 2017, the warring parties held talks in the Kazakh capital of Nur Sultan under the mediation of Russia, Iran and Turkey, and managed to conclude a ceasefire agreement and establish four de-escalation zones. Even though in some parts of Syria military operations continue, the priority is now given to political settlement and return of refugees.

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