US Guam Base Plan Will Free 3 Destroyers For Fleet Protection, Operations - Admiral


US Guam Base Plan Will Free 3 Destroyers for Fleet Protection, Operations - Admiral

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 05th March, 2021) A major US defense system defended by thousands of Marines on the island of Guam will free up at least three Aegis guided missile destroyers for other missions and be crucial to defending the Western Pacific, Indo-Pacific Command head Adm. Philip Davidson said.

"Aegis deployment on Guam will conduct 360 degree defense in the second island chain," Davidson told an American Enterprise Institute (AEI) podcast on Thursday. "The Guam base will free up three DDG Aegis missile system destroyers. ...We need to free up those destroyers so they can move with the naval force they were designed to defend.


The new deployment will include the first new Marine Corps base to be constructed in the Pacific region in more than 70 years and would reassure US allies of Washington's commitment to defend them, Davidson, speaking from Hawaii, said.

"The Guam defense system will allow us to regain the advantage, help us to deter China and help us defend what is ours and facilitate the defense of our allies. ...It will be the first new Marine Corps base in Pacific since 1950 and it will contain 5,000 Marines," Davidson also said.

Constructing the expanded Guam base was now "the top priority" for the Indo-Pacific Command, Davidson added.