Brazil's New Performing Arts Chief In Anti-left 'crusade'

Brazil's new performing arts chief in anti-left 'crusade'

Rio de Janeiro, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 21st Jul, 2019 ) :Creating a "cultural war machine" in Brazil's performing arts is renowned theater director Roberto Alvim's mission as he seeks to eradicate progressive ideas from the stage.

Recently handpicked by President Jair Bolsonaro to head the performing arts center at the National Arts Foundation, Alvim's appointment is the latest salvo against artists since Bolsonaro took power in January.

One of Alvim's first acts has been a call to arms on social media to likeminded professionals in the sector to stop the spread of "cultural Marxism." "I did not invent the cultural war.

It has been brutally waged by the left for at least 30 years," Alvim, 46, told AFP.

"Any artist that is not aligned with the left is boycotted, defamed and prevented from working -- like what happened to me." Now, Alvim wants to "balance the game."His weapons will be "fostering and giving material means for the creation of works of art" that are not based on progressive ideas.

It will also involve "stimulating the creation of companies with a classical repertoire, as well as the writing of contemporary works based on the technical complexity and depth of those of Shakespeare" and others.

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